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What is Yes on 1c?

  • For over 20 years, multimodal transportation in Boulder County has been funded with a 0.1% countywide transportation sales tax.
  • This existing measure equates to just 1 cent on a $10 purchase and sunsets in mid-2024.
  • A question on the 2022 ballot asks voters to continue this funding without raising taxes.

Join us to keep Boulder County’s transportation network moving by voting YES on 1C.

This modest sales tax (1 cent on every $10 purchase) has been in place for 20 years and has paid for almost all the multimodal improvements, whether for motorists, bikes, transit or walking, that have been implemented in the county in the last 20 years.

This sales tax allows the county to provide the required match necessary to receive millions in state and federal transportation funds.

What is this Funding for?

Child and woman riding bus

Transit Service and Programs

Fixed route and on-demand transit services from Boulder to Lyons, Gold Hill, Fort Collins, and throughout Boulder County.

Girl walking bike on crosswalk

Roadway Safety & Resilience

Road shoulders, flood resilience and creek restoration, intersection safety, mountain road repair.

Person on bicycle riding underneath overpass

Regional Trails & Commuter Bikeways

Recreational trails connecting Longmont, Boulder, Superior, Louisville, Erie, Lyons and Nederland; bikeways along major corridors; multiuse paths connecting neighborhoods.

Woman on wheelchair boarding Mobility for Life van

Community Mobility Programs

Services for vulnerable and underserved populations of all ages and abilities, including education and support programs.

Aerial photo of highway

Regional Corridors

Multimodal travel improvements connecting communities, including transit, bike and pedestrian facilities and safety




  • Better Boulder
  • Boulder BCycle
  • Boulder Chamber of Commerce/BTC
  • Boulder County Democratic Party
  • Boulder Daily Camera
  • Boulder Weekly
  • Clean Energy Action
  • Community Cycles
  • Commuting Solutions
  • Cultivate
  • Cyclists 4 Community
  • Emergency Family Assistance Association (EFAA)
  • OUR Center
  • PLAN Boulder
  • Sierra Club
  • Sister Carmen Community Center
  • Via Mobility Services

View the joint endorsement published in the Longmont Leader and the Longmont Times-Call from the leadership of OUR Center, EFAA, and Sister Carmen Community Center.


  • Boulder City Council
  • Boulder County Commissioner, Claire Levy
  • Boulder County Commissioner, Marta Loachamin
  • Boulder County Commissioner, Matt Jones
  • Boulder Mayor, Aaron Brockett
  • Colorado Senate President, Steve Fenberg
  • Lafayette Mayor, JD Mangat
  • Lafayette City Council
  • Longmont City Council
  • Longmont Mayor, Joan Peck
  • Louisville Mayor, Ashley Stoltzmann
  • Former Louisville Mayor, Chuck Sisk
  • Lyons Mayor, Hollie Rogin
  • Town of Erie Mayor, Justin Brooks
  • Town of Superior Mayor, Clint Folsom
  • Town of Nederland Mayor, Billy Giblin
  • Town of Nederland Trustees
  • RTD Director, Lynn Guissinger
  • RTD Director, Erik Davidson
  • Former Boulder County Commissioner, Elise Jones
  • Former Boulder County Commissioner, Deb Gardner
  • Former Boulder County Transportation Director, George Gerstle
  • Former Boulder Mayor, Sam Weaver
  • Former Boulder Mayor, Suzanne Jones
  • Former State Representative, Ruth Wright


What We've Already Accomplished

miles of paved road shoulders
miles of new regional trails
intersection safety improvements
transit services & programs
new pedestrian underpasses

What's the Plan?

Implement priority recommendations from the countywide transportation plan. These projects will create a safe, sustainable, equitable, affordable transportation network connecting communities throughout the county.

Provide ‘local-match’ dollars that bring federal, state and regional funds to Boulder County projects. Most transportation grants require local agencies to provide a funding match from local sources. This continued funding will be used by Boulder County to pursue a wide range of regional, state and federal money.



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